Dog Socks

The RichPaw Pet Sock is a fun and practical garment, designed and recommended for a number of uses - indoors or out. Each set contains 4 socks with non-slip soles to enhance grip on smooth or shiny surfaces.

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Tuxedo Dog Socks

Tuxedo Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Sneaker Dog Socks

Sneaker Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Blue Dog Socks

Blue Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Pink Dog Socks

Pink Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Tartan Dog Socks

Tartan Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Tiger Dog Socks

Tiger Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Dog Leg Warmers

Dog Leg Warmers£5.95   £4.95

Reindeer Dog Socks

Reindeer Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Snowflake Dog Socks

Snowflake Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95

Snowman Dog Socks

Snowman Dog Socks£5.95   £4.95


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items